• Born: Lance Michael Woodruff
  • Date of Birth: September 11, 1973
  • Hometown: Luling, Louisiana

Eaten by Clowns is the brainchild of Lance Woodruff, a New Orleans native and long-time veteran of the Los Angeles music scene. After his parents divorced, he began moving around the US with his mother and brother, visiting his father on holidays, weekends, and summers in a rural area of Louisiana outside of New Orleans. While one part of his life remained stable, the other part of his life could not have been more different. Between Kindergarten and 10th grade he had gone to 11 different schools in Louisiana, Colorado, Indiana, Florida, and eventually landing in Southern California before begging to stay long enough to graduate high school.

Lance’s comment was, “I was the weird new kid everywhere we moved until we moved to California. It was the first place I felt like I was normal.”

Even though he had played multiple instruments growing up, it was in California that he picked up the bass and joined his first rock band, “Satyr.” After graduating high school, he moved to Hollywood to attend Musicians Institute for bass guitar. He formed the band “Blind Fly” which eventually ended up signed to a label and on a US tour before disbanding in 1996.

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